What We Do

Milan Properties Limited is a property development , project management and property management company, with a reputation for developing and managing quality projects and properties  to exacting standards.

We manage our own developments in house, from inception to delivery, but also offer project management services to clients who require assistance.

We also provide property management services for clients , and we have recently been appointed manager of a $ 30 million property portfolio on the North Shore of Auckland.

The Milan team's expertise and strengths are in our ability to successfully plan and execute development of multi faceted and complex projects . The company works closely with architects, engineers, environmental and construction companies, together with local authorities to achieve it's goals

Strong management of a highly motivated team with vision enables us to achieve the highest possible standard of performance at all times, and maximise benefits and returns for all parties.

What is Project Management?

Project management may be defined as the overall planning, control and coordination of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a Client's requirements in order that the project will be completed on time, within authorised cost and to the required standards.

The project manager, both acting on behalf of, and representing the Client has the duty of providing a cost effective and independent service correlating, integrating and managing different disciplines and expertise, to satisfy the objectives and provisions of the project brief.

Milan Properties Limited , as project manager, will ensure that the Client's brief, all designs , specifications and relevant information/data are made available to, and are executed as specified with due regard to cost , by the project design team,consultants and contractors to ensure that the Client's objectives are fully met.

What we offer you
  • Reputation for integrity
  • Proven record for project delivery on time, budget and to required standard.
  • Professional, ethical approach to all activities undertaken, with transparency in all our actions.
  • Delivery of quality, well planned, designed and constructed developments.
  • Value added project management.

The Milan Team can provide a comprehensive package of highly professional services, across a broad range of disciplines, which can be tailored to meet individual client needs. These services include:


  • Project viability and feasibility analysis.
  • Project planning.
  • Project evaluation and peer review.
  • Project design.
  • Risk management.
  • Value management.
  • Project and construction award management.
  • Cost management and drawdown control.
  • Financing advice and arranging partnerships.
  • Due diligence advice.
  • Resource consent management .
  • Marketing and sales programme management.
  • Lease and sale negotiations.


  • Liasion with landlords and tenants
  • Lease renewal negotiations
  • Maintanence of properties
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Negotiation of rent reviews
  • Enforcing of lease covenants and obligations
  • Derivation of maximum benefit for landlord/client