Loft Place Business Park

2004-2006 12 Office/warehouse units
Total Cost $2.5m

Milan Properties Limited targeted Kumeu as a growth area in early 2003, analyzing carefully the services that the area would require, and tailoring development to suit.

We realized that the projected increase in population in Auckland's north western region would lead to increased demand for work opportunities in the immediate local area, and that the success of new developments would be achieved by ensuring that local demands were satisfied, and that the developments were located within easy access of major urban transport systems.

For this reason Milan produced the first multi unit industrial and commercial development in the area targeted at tradesmen who were looking to move their businesses to the next level.

The success of the development is reflected in the range of businesses that have established themselves in the Business Park, and the low vacancy level for the units in the development.

Site Plan


Metropolitan Auckland is projected at approximately double in population over the next 40 - 50 years. While the majority of this population growth will be accommodated through densification of the core metropolitan city, a significant proportion (in the order of 250,000 people) will have to be accommodated in the surrounding areas.